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Did you know you're a hero?

Mothers and fathers of the world, have you stopped to realise what an amazing job you are doing as parents, workers, and business owners and how you are holding it all together?

We truly admire your courage, stamina and sacrifice to those you love.  We see how the busy mums of the world, as home keepers and workers or busy business owners use their huge generous hearts and loving nature to nurture and support everyone else in stressful times. How the dads of the world as workers and business owners work tirelessly and endlessly to support, nourish and protect their families. We know how much you give and how you want to keep your children and family safe in these uncertain times. 

It’s hard when you care so much and it is easy to end up tired from not sleeping and stressed from the constant overwhelming demands of work and life's responsibilities. We know what it’s like to be a parent in a demanding and stressful world, and that sometimes you just need the right support, we get it and we are here to help you.

We are here to tell you that life does not have to feel this way. There are simple solutions that can erase your stress, anxiety and overwhelm for good and get to the source of your health issues and your underlying stress and fatigue. We pride ourselves in simple tried and proven solutions, that releases your stress, health issues and brings back a deep sense of relaxation in your body and mind.

For over 25 years we have helped thousands of busy working mothers, fathers and busy executives release their stress, and tap back into their inner creative wisdom and vitality and restoring wellness.

We have vast experiences teaching, assessing and supporting the over givers and carers of the world using our amazing analysis system on health, stress releasing consults to clear the emotional blocks and a unique form of meditation for the busy western mind to balance the mind and body. 

How we can help you

  1. We accurately measure the entire health of your body... 

  2. We show you how to remove the emotional stress... 

  3. We teach you powerful methods of deep relaxation... 

These amazing steps remove the accumulated stress and deficiencies undermining your wellbeing, creative vitality and motivation. 

We use an advanced scientific cellular chemistry analysis to locate the source of any health issues and a personalised nutritional program.

The main facilitator is a master adept at locating your unconscious emotional blocks that undermine your health recovery.

We also provide a powerful form of meditation insight to remove accumulated stress and fatigue and other health issues.

You can now have a full health consult online. 

To learn more about our clinical test analyses of your cellular chemistry...please click here.

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What You Can Know About Your Health



Word on the Street


For the last two years I have suffered from unexplainable soreness, stiffness and lack of energy, fluctuating in severity with the hormonal madness of my menopausal journey. The nearly constant aches and pains were wearing me down, I felt old age had come way too early. I tried all sorts of remedies and supplements, acupuncture, energy healing and chiropractics. All of them helping a bit. I felt I just had to sit it out and hopefully improve on the other side of my menopausal period. 

Then I started the Nutritional Alchemy program. I thought it could not have anything to do with my diet, as I was already eating so healthy. It made a lot of sense when the test results showed my body chemistry was out of balance and therefore I was not absorbing my food and I was in a state of energy loss. The changes and improvements came slowly, but I now feel so much better.

I’m doing my yoga again, it’s no longer aggravating, it’s now enjoyable again. I’m active again all day without the energy drops and my body seizing up. What a relief, I can function again! I highly recommend the Nutritional Alchemy program for anyone who wants to beat old age for a bit longer. 

Phoenicia Altaire - Brisbane

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October 15, 2019

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June 13, 2019

Awakening the Organic Spirit

June 13, 2019

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