Understanding Your Cellular Chemistry Analysis and How Healing Works

Correcting cellular chemistry links mind, body & spirit...

About the Workshop

This 1-day educational workshop is a revelation around health, nutritional insight, diet and a direct link to our intuitive and spiritual nature. The workshop demonstrates the power of analysing the cellular chemistry and provides an amazing 3D picture of your health and how to correct and heal the body through nature and nutrition.

Cellular toxicity left unchecked causes illness, premature ageing and dis-ease and many mental and emotional illnesses that control a person’s health outcome and quality of life. This adds confusion, suffering and limitation to our life experiences because the body remains in a state of energy depletion or debt.  Our creative talents, our purpose, our life mission and our happiness are blocked in all facets of our life when the cellular resonance or frequency is imbalanced. The difficult challenge for many is being able to assimilate information when you are ill and deficient in energy. In fact many unwell people, even those moderately well, lack the energy to process information and to take the necessary motivation for healing.

In the 1-day workshop, you will learn all the foundational correctional steps associated with your health test and how to activate nutritional energy restoration. This foundational workshop comes form the unique Reams BTI (Biological Theory of Ionisation) knowledge.  You will fully understand why adopting this program is a permanent life style, not a temporary process and is not a modality but a foundation for life.

The other key ingredient the workshop addresses is removing the enormous amount of confusion associated with alternative health. The workshop is designed to empower & educate you. Many false, conditioned beliefs & habits around health and healing are laid to rest, providing confidence and support around any health issue.

Cellular chemistry testing on the workshop attendees allows Warren Rose, facilitator/practitioner, to see the distortions in your physical expression as toxicity, dis-ease and a severe loss of cellular energy. Once you have a cellular analysis (spiritual equation), there is a profound way to purify the cellular chemistry through “nutritional alchemy”, which is the foundation of this program. Your body and mind can then receive the flow of physical nutritional energy for healing and the spiritual knowledge and guidance that has been blocked by cellular toxicity.

Education and support are the key ingredients in returning yourself to wellness that the workshop provides. This is not an overnight process, but a sacred and permanent step to wellness.

A workshop is 5 times more impacting, informative and life changing than just regular clinic consults because of the time factor and greater access to the facilitators and relevant information. 

All attendees receive a full clinical cellular chemistry test, analysis and correctional program, education and ongoing support as part of the workshop cost. The correctional program is a  life changing experience and requires patience and trust as the body is adjusted into its higher state of wellness. The workshop provides a stepping stone to integrating the knowledge and practical application of true health and energy restoration, which is what does the healing.

You will see why many sabotage their healing and why they block and undermine their true natural state of wellness. You will also learn how to prevent the hidden sabotage patterns around your health and happiness linked directly to faulty cell chemistry.

This workshop of education is a foundational process of life, where the multitudes of healing remedies, modalities, medicines and therapies begin to make sense and why nutrition and diet supersedes many.

Join with us for a 1-day experience of life-informative support and knowledge that will change the way you do health and that can reconnect you to the intuitive spiritual aspect of your self. 

You will learn at the workshop, in addition to the Nutritional Alchemy clinical program, the following:

  • Healing is negated by an accumulated energy debt in your body. Until you pay back the debt, healing remains elusive. Learn how to remove the body's energy debt.

  • Measuring your entire physical, emotional and mental health with 100% accuracy. There is no guessing or assumptions with this healing foundational process.

  • Learn how clearing the cellular chemistry dissolves chronic disease by raising the energy of the body.  It is the energy that does the healing.​

  • Learn why you are not assimilating the energy from the foods you eat and how to correct this.

  • Taming the inner saboteur that undermines the healing process.

  • Learn how to switch on your faith principle for healing on a higher level.

  • Learn how to get your body into a correct healing range long term for profound shifts in wellbeing...


1-Day Workshop

$295 = Individual

$535 = Couple

$175 - Repeat (does not include health test analysis & program)
(A deposit is required at time of registration)

As part of the workshop cost you will receive a full cellular chemistry analysis, and personal correctional program valued at $150.

Upcoming 1-day workshop, 'Understanding Your Cellular Chemistry Analysis and How Healing Works'



Location: Nerang, Gold Coast, QLD

Emerald Room

Harmony Body and Mind Healing Centre

14 Billabirra Crescent

Nerang, QLD

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'Understanding Your Cellular Chemistry Test Analysis & How Healing Works' 1-Day Workshop
Nov 17, 2019, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Location is TBD

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