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How the Test Analysis Works

Change the way you do health

Labelling a condition does nothing to prevent it or to correct it. Nature does not work in labels, she works in correcting the loss of vital energy within your body's unique internal ecosystem.​ 

Correcting the cellular chemistry 

Chronic health issues are all related to a loss of vital energy from a cellular chemistry imbalance. This is where the body is unable to pick up the energy from the food you eat. The subsequent mal-absorption and deficiency creates the multitude of chronic health issues, symptoms and medical labels prevalent in our modern day living.

A potent two level correctional program has been designed that corrects the cellular chemistry of an individual clearing many stubborn and chronic health issues.

Firstly, a powerful analysis and intro step that removes the high level of micro-toxins (pathogens and parasites) hidden deep within the body systems. The deep-seated, often hidden micro-toxins can prevent the cellular chemistry from adjusting or holding in a healing range.

The proliferation of parasites, mold and fungal infestation, viral and bacterial overgrowth come about by the imbalance in our external environment that encroaches on the internal environment.

The excess industrial petro-solvents, found in most of the store-bought products, allow pathogens and parasites a protective layer in the body to thrive.  The micro-toxins are able to use this petro-solvent medium to access places within the body that are unnatural and damaging to the body. Micro-toxins secrete extremely toxic waste. 

A unique detoxifying program using a potent cellular chemistry oxidiser is able to penetrate the protective solvents, access all areas of the body and annihilate the vermin toxicity.

Once this is completed, the 2nd level correctional program comes into play, the cellular chemistry correctional program. This step is able to adjust the body into a natural healing range with assistance from nutritional protocols that allow a person to pick up the maximum energy from the food they eat. It is the nutritional energy that heals the array of symptoms and medical labels, often resistant to modern medicine and alternative remedies and treatments.

A specialised emotional reading program can be added to the correctional program to remove any emotional stress stealing energy from the body.

It only takes Warren, the practitioner, moments of dialoguing with you, along with seeing your cellular chemistry test numbers, to locate the blockages taking your healing energy. 

The body can become blocked through its inability to assimilate the nutrient energy from the food eaten and long term emotional stress. When your cellular chemistry test numbers are slow to shift on the correctional program or remain blocked, you are in need of an emotional stress release reading. 

Our clinical program includes the following important steps: 

  • Test analysis of fresh samples of your urine and saliva, which give the practitioner a 3-D picture of your entire state of health.

  • Removal of petrochemical solvents and micro-toxins over  a 21-day using a very simple program that is life changing.

  • Full adjustment program of your cellular chemistry, regulating digestive balance and allowing proper assimilation of nutritional energy in the food you eat.

  • How to remineralize the body through the foods you eat.

  • Activating a deeper spiritual healing required for accumulated stress states and trauma, using emotional stress release readings and specific sound intonations that harmonise the brain frequency and bring a person into a deep state of relaxation and peace. 

There is a 100% accuracy in locating the source of any health issue through this form of scientific analysis.

Correcting the cellular chemistry requires your commitment and patience and a new relationship to food and hydration.

The program is in harmony with the natural laws of health. Many people have been in a severe energy deficiency for 10-20 or 30 years because of poor lifestyle choices. Correcting such deficiency does not happen overnight, but it is possible for the body to move into a healing range within a short period of time. Holding that healing range removes the energy debt and begins the process of true healing. 

The cellular chemistry correctional program is amazingly effective and simplistic if you follow the program. 

How is your condition professionally analysed?

The analysis is simple, fast, and non-invasive. All you need to do is supply a fresh sample of urine and saliva 2 hours after eating a main meal, along with your history form, which we provide. The sample is then tested in the Nutritional Alchemy lab and results are available shortly thereafter.  

See us in clinic or use the mail ordering system. This allows you to send back your samples without leaving home. Great for people who live interstate or at a distance. 

You can also attend a 1 or 2-day workshops when offered, and fast track the educational and healing process.​

The Practitioner - Warren Rose - is a nutritional alchemist specialist, herbalist, cellular chemistry analyser & medical intuitive with a trained medical background. His experience and expertise help to educate and inform you of the many hidden imbalances located in your test. As no two chemistry systems are alike, the practitioner's consult is personal and specific to you. This consult allows you to ask questions and obtain clarity and insight around your health and the results.

We provide this service at our clinic in Cleveland on the Brisbane Bayside and or we have a professional mail order system, which allows you to post back your samples from anywhere in Australia. 

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You have the option to be tested in person or via mail order. Please let us know if you need a sample test kit sent to you. 

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