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Reams Biological Theory of Ionisation - RBTI

Reams Biological Theory of Ionisation (Reams BTI) is the foundation of the Nature Therapy Program, and it is where the knowledge has come from that is being applied.

Who is Reams

Dr Carey Reams created a marvellous system of biological measurement of human health through fresh samples of urine and saliva.  Dr Reams was a scholar from Oxford University, a biochemist, agriculturalist, a brilliant mathematician and scientist.  He discovered the unique health measuring system through his agricultural practice. Almost from the beginning he found he could restore animals to high health levels by ensuring they were given forage grown on mineral rich soil.  As time went by Dr Reams transferred his knowledge of working with animals and plants to humans with profound results. Dr Reams treated thousands of sick individuals from minor conditions to cancer and all with remarkable accuracy and positive outcomes. 

Dr Reams foundational quote is, "We do not live off the food we eat, WE LIVE OFF THE ENERGY IN THE FOOD WE EAT" ("Choose Life or Death" by Carey A Reams, p. 40).

Reams' BTI is about measuring energy loss which occurs in the body at the cellular level.  According to Reams all disease, illness or ageing is a loss of energy and it can be measured and restored in 95% of people. 


Reams was persecuted and ostracised by the medical profession in America, so most of his work was kept hidden. Many patients, including doctors saw him in secrecy.  The reason for the persecution is the simplistic methods he used to measure the energy loss and the amazing success this has on a person's health and vitality. He was a threat to the medical establishment in America, so much of his knowledge was largely prevented from seeing the light of day.  However, a select few of his dedicated pupils have this information and have carried on his work.


Dr Reams was a Christian and a very devout man. It was his own faith and amazing intellect, particularly his mathematical gift - as numbers talked to him, that allowed him to discover the method of accurately measuring energy loss (disease) in such a profound way.

The Numbers Never Lie

Fresh urine and saliva samples give the trained Reams RBTI practitioner seven numbers.  When these numbers are viewed they show specific patterns and the source of many states of ill-health and disease, as energy loss. In fact, all medical labels and symptoms are an energy loss and can be seen in the numbers, derived from the cellular chemistry test. Reams said the numbers never lie as you are bypassing opinions, preconceived ideas, and perceptions about a condition. There is no guessing about the issue or trying to work it out. The body gives up the secrets and confirms the real source of any health issue and how to correct it (restore the energy). 

By taking out the guesswork makes what is happening in the body much easier to understand, enabling the Reams RBTI practitioner to direct the client down a healing path.

Naming a disease does anything to cure it. Most times it only increases a person's fear and actually leads to a lessening of faith, negating the healing process.

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